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The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall


The Museum of Witchcraft was founded in 1951 in Castletown on the Isle of Man, by a gentleman by the name of Cecil Williamson. Cecil had purchased the Witches Mill in Castletown in 1948, and with the help of his friend Gerald Gardener proceeded to refurbish the Mill in a way appropriate to house and display his vast collection of Witchcraft related artifacts.

When the Museum was finally open under the name of "Folklore" Museum (because of the misconceptions of the general public at the time), Gerald became some-what of a resident Witch and sold copies of his book 'High Magic's Aid' in the Museum.

In 1960 the Museum moved from the Isle of Man to Boscastle in Cornwall where it has made it's home ever since.

In 1996 the Museum was purchased by Mr. Graham King who progressed the collection to the magnificent collection we are blessed to have in Cornwall and under him, it is now the world's largest.

In 2013, Simon Costin was appointed as the new Director. The management of the museum is under the umbrella of the Museum of British Folklore (MOBF). The entire contents of the museum and library has been donated to the MOBF to ensure its survival as a single collection. Simon obtained charitable status for the MOBF to encompass the Museum of Witchcraft.


Padstow Hobby 'Oss' May 1st, Cornwall


Padstow's Hobby 'Oss' takes place every year on the 1st of May. It's origins stem from the Ancient Pagan fertility festival of Beltane. The Hobby 'Oss' itself is made up of a hoop covered with black material with a mask in the middle (originally a horse's skull). The Hobby 'Oss' was originally covered with tar, and it was believed that any young women who's clothes were marked by the 'Oss' during it's procession through the streets of Padstow, would be pregnant before the end of the year. Hobby 'Oss' day also features a Maypole by which Pagans meet at 12:00 to chat and toast each others health with mead. Padstow shares this festival with the not as famous Minehead Hobby 'Oss' which is held on the same date and is similar though not exactly the same as Padstow's Hobby 'Oss' day.